Cool Bleach Uryuu Quincy Cosplay Costume

It is one of the cool bleach Uryuu Quincy cosplay costumes for our cosplay, which contains white jacket and trousers, blue belt and gloves along with white mantle. Uryū Ishida, one of the main male characters of Bleach. He is in the top position of his class and is generally quiet and shy but has a strong interest in sewing. Of course there are other outfits for portraying this role.

We could have a clear mind that this apparel fully displays the courtly manner as a Quincy in this series. What is more, Uryuu is a charming young guy. As a student, he is smart enough, as a sewer, he is a genius, and as a friend, he is faith worthy. Why not choose him for anime cosplay convention?

As for cosplaying bleach Uryuu, this clothing is one of the ideal choices for us. And you may take a consideration about it if you are going to participate in the activity. This Uryuu bleach cosplay costume features a special appeal and style. Although there will be a lot of other distinctive pieces in the show, and this one also could hold a good many of cosplayers’ interest. If you wear glasses and have black hair, this would be a good choice. What matters is you could be the same as your favorite character.

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